Hans-Werner Dietzsch

My whole life has been guided by music.
Even as a child , I was fascinated by the world of music.

At the age of 14 I had saved enough money to buy my first guitar, a brand- new six-string western guitar. I really felt very proud and happy. Urged on by my inner self and quite ambitious to learn the instrument, I practised every spare minute.

Still in school, I wrote my first German and English songs in the idiom of the
“American folk song“, which has deeply influenced my life. I tried to set words to music,
songs of hope and compassion, of protest, love and healing, and songs about unity, integrity and freedom.

Later, as a student, I sang and played together with friends at various festivals and in small clubs.
“We shall overcome”, along with assorted Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez
covers, to name just a few, was a staple of our repertoire.
To perform now with my daughter Melanie is for me like a great dream come true.
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